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PowerMac -Z7- CarbonFusion (MOD)

sean blake

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Hi everyone, recently I posted my PowerMac G5 Mod up to the insanely mac forums and though I was generally happy with the mod I have started to think I could off integrated it much better. Heres the thing, the reason why I like apple is the clean no fuss design they incorporate into there machines, the reason I like PC's is the unbeatable value of the hardware I wanted to mix the two together seamlessly, add my own little touch too it and have fun creating a unique machine that has everything I wanted in a desktop computer and more. My previous attempt (pictures Bellow) has the value of PC hardware, the sort of look of a mac and it was fun to make, but again those two elements just didn't mix well I don't think, so i have set out to attempt one more G5 mod to try to get it right. :)


Here is my previous G5 Mod. 

post-436090-0-69876500-1372344391_thumb.jpg post-436090-0-34613700-1372344388_thumb.jpg post-436090-0-07450600-1372344385_thumb.jpg


This time around I will be focusing on the materials used during the Mod and final finishing touches such as using black neoprene tubing instead of PVC and trying to convert more of the original features instead of replacing them ( ACBell PSU, PowerButton, Back PCI slots, original Molex/SATA cables, Delta fans Ect) 


I have started with converting the original ACBell G5 PSU, Even going so far as to keep the original white power inlet and the original PSU fans. 


post-436090-0-65991200-1389195119_thumb.jpg    post-436090-0-33305800-1389195134_thumb.jpg





Yesterday I finally got my hands on a 1.8GHz Dual Powermac G5 :) I started by striping all the original G5 components out at work. i removed all the G5 motherboard standoffs bar one that supports the midsection divider, the longer standoffs where disgarded and the six shorter ones where reused as standoffs for my Z77 motherboard. once stripped I placed the case and all the metal pieces in the bath and used the shower on a high setting to clean the case and dividers. 

post-436090-0-53471600-1389197892_thumb.jpg      post-436090-0-12201600-1389197933_thumb.jpg


Next I focused on lining the motherboard up with the PCI slots on the G5 and fitting the back CPU fans. I found using dual slot graphics card helped a lot in lining the standoffs and PCI slots up. once lined up I will use pen ink on the flat bottom of the standoffs and line the board back up once five minutes have passed I will remove the board and standoffs and place a blob of epoxy resin on the standoff markings, reinsert the board and standoffs and wait for it to set. 
post-436090-0-90113000-1389197918_thumb.jpg      post-436090-0-84751500-1389198099_thumb.jpg




Next I though a little bit of cable management was in order. it is extremely important for me with this mod to keep the whole look tidy and neat no stray wires so that it ties in with the feel of the original G5 system  :)


post-436090-0-20339700-1389199077_thumb.jpg post-436090-0-87911600-1389197823_thumb.jpg    post-436090-0-30188900-1389197754_thumb.jpg


For the liquid cooling system I needed a control centre for water tempreger and fan speed / fan control these things are usually not part of a home made water cooling system or are managed through separate systems, fan speed controllers and thermometers not software, however I recently got my hands on a damaged Antec kuhler h2o and spotted a opportunity, it came with the black fan cables cut and leaking, I opened the unit cleaned out the gunk and made it water tight, thankfully there where printed pinouts on the board for the PWM fans so I hooked up a spare PWM fan and loaded the Antec Chill Control software and it all works great :) once properly configured the antec unit will be grafted onto the home made water cooling loop I own, plus with the addition of two 120MM PWM fans hopefully I will have a fully automated software controlled water cooling loop for my hack :D.
post-436090-0-50237200-1389197644_thumb.jpg     post-436090-0-05922000-1389197599_thumb.jpg


















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