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Clone Tool H1 Hatchery

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i would like share my trial with this old good clone tool.


You can download it from MacUpdate




Clone Tool H1 Hatchery is a Mac OS App which it is able

to clone Hackintosh HD.


Benefits :

It's Free

Clone Hd Hackintosh from Tiger OS X 10.4.11  to OS X SnowLeo 10.6

Create bootable cloned HD or backups

clone HD to USB and viceversa





It clones MBR only - NO GUID



See ya

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well, many users, have today installed 10.8 or 10.9, and this only have support to 10.4 to 10.6 and only can clone MBR ? to me :no:  a good idea, but thanks for share


C.C.C. make all it and more :whistle:

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Yeah, i use Carbon Copy Cloner too...

It's more flexible , stable and confortable.


Here i was looking to find out if there were some others alternatives.

There are many alternatives of Mac drive cloning applications which gives an exact copy of Mac drive. I am pretty sure about my reliable application Stellar Drive Clone. It is easy to use and make my work very smooth.



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