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    • By wegosi
      Could, please, anybody with knowledge help me?
      Problem: on internal monitor all colors are perfect. on External - I have banding gradients and colors.

      My system: 
      ASUST N56VB
      Catalina 10.15.3
      Intel HD4000
      Intel® HM76 Chipset
      External monitor 21:9 2560x1080 via HDMI.
      Clover 5115
      What I tried:
      1. Different versions of Lilu and WhateverGreen
      2. Different combinations in config.plist in devices

      In mac Graphics/Displays I see only 24bit of color depth. Is it OK?

      Installed kexts:

      I don't update WhateverGreen, because then my external monitor stops working at all
      My config.plist:

      Graphics info:

      What other info should I provide?
      How to fix it? Thank you in advance
      EFI zip (not other options to upload here? max 7.85mb on forum, right?):
    • By e285ne
      could you help me with Intel UHD 620 HDMI port?
      HP ProBook G6 440
      Intel Core i5-8265u
      Catalina 10.15.4

      I've installed Catalina 10.15.4
      But I can't get HDMI working
      When I connect HDMI cable I got freezes and errors as in file freezes.png (attached)

      [IGFB][INFO ] Setting DP power failed (0xe00002bc), ignoring empty dongle handling (likely HDMI/TMDS case)

      I also looked into IOregistryExplorer and see that the connect type is 00400000 there for FB@1
      I tried to patch it via setup.plist but it seems that there is no change in IOregistryExplorer.
      Though the Hackintool sees the change (image attached)
    • By gengstapo
      Im having similar issue with my HS setup, dell latitute 3480, i5-7200U
      Once the hdmi plugged in, the laptop display went blank, only could see the external tv
      But, when i put my laptop to sleep & wake up again, both screen got display (hdmi still connected)
      Even the hdmi could be plugged off & in (after sleep), the laptop display is fine
      What could be the culprit?
      Dell’s MacBook Pro IORegistry.zip