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System uptime in nanoseconds!

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During installation, in customize you select bootloader, bootloader options (GraphicsEnabler), Laptop Support (Keyboard, mouse PS2), Patched kext (NullCPU, FakeSMC) and Applications


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Ok, after i boot the hard drive in -v -f it works then the screen goes black in the middle of coding! I dont know what the error is, i will try to get a picture or see what it is!

Here is an error right before my screen goes black forever.. i dont understand what it means maybe you can help!



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You must not be discouraged, we are near the finish line.

Are you sure the graphic card is Intel HD4000?

Boot with GraphicsEnabler=No -v -f

Yes it is a HD4000 i even checked the website i got it from and my old windows partition!


I believe that i am installing it wrong when i select customize. May you be more specific when you say what to install? Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Deselect modules and video; Control options select GraphicsEnabler and kernel cache.

Laptop support select only "Non USB mice and keyboard"

Patched kext - Section Power Management select NullCPUPowerManagement or patched AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement

Install, cross fingers and reboot

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I'm happy that it works :thumbsup_anim:

What was the command that started the system?

If started with-x (safe mode) is no good and we need to understand why you can't boot normally.

Try booting only with -v dart=0

If not work it's probably a bios setting, see if you can disable the virtualization support or if there are options for HPET (enter 64bit).

Post screen of bios settings.


Now tell me the exact model of laptop, and any customizations that you have requested from the manufacturer. I can see correct specifications on the manufacturer site (it's important for determine right kext and boot options).

Also put your system in signature (Your profile - My settings - Signature) so everyone can know what to work on.


First step for system optimization: Go on "About this Mac" - "More Info" - "System report" - "Graphics and Display"; Post a pic of this.


Compress and attach your Extra folder


I hope you understand my spaghetti-english :lol:


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the -v dart=0 worked! :)  Now what do i do?


(here are some questions i have, these can be answered later if you prefer)

  • how do i make it boot faster?(it takes a long time for it to run all the code!)
  • how do i get wifi working?
  • how do i get the track pad to work?

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Well, now add the string dart=0 in org.chameleon.boot.plist (you can do this with Chameleon Wizard)

Post a screenshot of Graphics-Displays (System Report) to determine if graphics card work well or not.

Also compress and attach Extra folder

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Ok, can I put this slider all the way to the left and check off verbose mode so it will skip the boot and I don't have to do anything in the boot?




Here is the graphics!




Where do I find the extra folder?

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Don't worry, in chameleon wizard (latest version) you can flag dart=0 or dropDMAR=Yes (is the same thing). Also flag UseKernelCache and EthernetBuiltIn

Otherwise you explore Hard Drive, in the root you find Extra folder.

Download kext wizard and install all graphics kext (you can find it in Mavericks.app or .dmg, in System/Library/Extensions); is necessary for recognize graphic memory.

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