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Hp pavilion dv6 2180el a geekbench low and solutions

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I have a triboot with mavericks, windows8 and ubuntu on a hp pavilion dv6 2180el.
All works perfectly: usb, internal wireless, sleep, audio, external usb sound card ...

Here's what I did:

1) problems on the USB ports: I deleted the kext "AppleHPET."
2) problems with Lexicon Omega, (a external usb audio card): it work with ASIO driver, that does not exist for mac. This causes background noise and premature closure of the audio card. CoreAudio drivers (those typically included in the mac) does not work with this card. To solve this problem you have to buy a driver, "USB ASIO driver" from Ploytec. It should by the way choose the right bits, channels and frequency from the ploytec's software. Many interfaces also work without ploytec usb driver, by changing the settings that are in the "Audio MIDI Setup" utility software.
3) problems with the recognition of the internal sound card, speaker, inputs and outputs of the PC: use VoodooHDA 2.8.4 v2
4) If a usb wifi dongle or other device with a MAC address is inserted into the PC, the system uses the MAC address of the dongle. So if you remove the usb the pc crashes.
5) internal wifi broadcom now works thanks to the wireless "toleda airport".
6) I have patched the kext applecpupowermanagement with the file "aicpmp", found in another forum.

There remains only one problem: the geekbanch rating on mavericks it's more or less 2300. On Windows 8 more than 6000.
I would like to increase the speed of calculation until at the same level of windows 8.
I have read everything. My bios does not have the advanced options to change speedstep or overclock (i have a laptop). I did not find kext to replace the applecpupowermanagement or nullcpupowermanagement. Any suggestions?

My specs:
Hp pavilion dv6 2180el
Intel i7 nehalem 720q
Hd samsung ssd 250 giga
NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M
Wifi broadcom bcm43225

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