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Hello everybody 

I am Sofoklis Papaioannou from Greece. I own a PC with the foollowing specs:


Mobo : Gigabyte EP45-DS4

GPU  : Gigabyte NVidia 9800gtx+ 

CPU   : Intel E8400 @3Ghz 

RAM   : 4x1 Gb

OS     : Windows 7


I have the authentic Mac Mini OS 10.6 DVDs and I need reassurance if my hardware is compatible with the Mac OS.

I have made already 2 failed attemts, after reading a post, that succesfully installed Snow Leopard on a Gigabyte EP45-DS3.




Any help would be greatly appriciated.



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Thank you for the link to the guide.


I tried it, but i stuck on: 


Still waiting for root device.


I let loop for 3 times and i hard-restarted.

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Hi Gringo and Rene again!


I set the sata to ahci function 

it loads the ahci bios, it recognizes my hd and my dvdrom but 'still waiting the root device'. 


I also noticed that, in cmos does not recognize neither my hdd nor my dvdrom.(not sure if helpful)


I also tried changing a setting (HPET) from 32bit to 64, yet nothing. (also not sure if helpful)


Gringo what is iTE IT8213 and how can recognize the drives that are on?

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The ICH10/ICH10R is SATA only. Most motherboards that use the ICH10 has a secondary drive controller for PATA drives, usually Marvell or JMicron. On your board it's from ITE.


Sometimes the secondary controller also has SATA ports, either external or internal. Your motherboard manual will have a diagram showing which ports belong to which controller.


The ICHx should work out of the box, usually it will show in System Profiler/System Information as generic SATA, but it should work fine. Most of those secondary drive controllers need a driver or a modification to a driver in order to work in OS X. For that reason it's better to use the ICHx, especially during installation. I don't know why it isn't working for you, it should work.


You have bigger problems, if your drives aren't detected in the BIOS, you wouldn't be able to install Windows either.


Try a CMOS reset. Unplug the power supply, close the CMOS jumper and wait ten minutes.

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Are you using the SATA ports, because this is the ICH10R (AHCI) controller. 6x (orange ports on the board).

ATA is the IT8213.


See your manual.

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i checked the manual and made sure the i was on ich10r, i removed all ide drives from it8213 and it failed to boot from cd (which was on ich10r).

I loaded the fail safe bios and it still failed to boot from cd. (I set it as the 1st boot device).

It kept loading windows and when i set it to achi, it restarted on windows load screen.


Should i forget about installing mac os?

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The EP45 series are great boards for running OS X, you should have very little difficulty with that board.


The issue here is that (sorry, I missed this detail earlier) your Mac Mini OS X DVD will only boot on a Mac Mini, it's locked to that particular model. You can verify this by trying to boot from it on any other Mac..it won't.

You won't be able to use that DVD to install OS X on anything but a Mac Mini without modifying it first, and you'll need a real Mac (or working Hackintosh) to do that.

I don't know how to do it, I only know that it's possible. I believe we have a guide around here somewhere, don't ask me where though.




You could try using a MacMini smbios.plist on your boot CD during installation, maybe that'll work.


The best model identifier to use with your hardware is MacPro3,1.

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Alright then.

I will see if I can get the non mac mini dvd of snow leopard and try again.


Thank you for your time Gringo and Rene.

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