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Audio, Power Management, and Camera

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Hello folks,

     I have a dell inspiron 17 7737 laptop and I have successfully installed Mavericks on my laptop with graphics working, wifi, touchpad and keyboard.

I have power management working to a degree, my battery icon shows and it falls asleep but it seems like the battery dies pretty fast  when I leave it unplugged over night. Next morning it's 100% dead. When I have Ubuntu loaded, i can leave it off the plug for days on end and still have crazy good battery life. Hopefully someone can help me here.

In regards to audio, my codec dump says I have a Realtek 283 which, to my knowledge, has no AppleHDA patch, and I am not experienced enough to do it myself (i tried, and only got so far.....) so I am using the generic VoodooHDA which works fine but not to my satisfaction (because I record vocals and I need the headphone jack to work and I need the sound to be clear). Hoping someone can help me here

My camera doesn't work at all, when I open anything that uses the camera, it is blank. Hopefully someone can help me here too.

Lastly, BT doesn't work at all (not a big deal) but wouldn't mind getting it working. 

If anyone needs any information about my system or specs or anything to help them assess, just let me know, I'll gladly give you this information.
I have  Inspiron 17 7737 i5-4200U, HD4400, 750GB, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory.

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For sound: maybe this? http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3519-new-1085-alc662-fully-working-ml/

I know its 662, but just try it anyway because 283 seems liked to 662... I don't know anything about the powermanagemeny or the camera or the bluetooth though :(

Thanks, I gave it a try, I installed the kexts for ALC662 and uninstalled the VoodooHDA and appleHdadisabler kexts and rebooted but no sound :/.. Gonna have to reinstall voodoohda, but thanks for trying :)

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