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Kalyway not BOOTING after install. Only works with v/

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I thought I posted this but it says no post so I do it again. Apologies if it appears twice.


Hello knowledgeable people.  Some time ago I installed a 10.4 version of Kalyway and it worked fine. I decide to try 10.5.2 and whilst is loaded OK I can only get it to BOOT from the Darwin menu ( F8 ) if after the word BOOT I then put v/ and press enter. Then it works. I have looked for many day to find a solution but some of the question I would of asked have not been answered on all of the forum I have checked. So let me start with what I have found and followed.




After loading and restarting I followed these instructions




As the computer is rebooting and you get to the Darwin bootloader, hit F8.
Type the following code: (the stuff you actually type is in quotes)

- type "-s" and then press enter
- type "/sbin/fsck -fy" and then press enter
- type "/sbin/mount -uw /" and then press enter
- type "passwd root ##" and press enter
- you will know be prompted to put in your password twice. Do so and press enter.
- type "touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone and press enter
- type "exit" and press enter. you will now be booted into Leopard.




This works until I get to the passwd part and like many other posts it says - passwd command not found -.  As I am not used to any MAC type script I am not sure if any of the previous commands I have typed in produced what they were supposed as after each input there was a lots of text and then it got back to an input prompt.  The ALL the inputs Prompts  says –  -sh-3.2#  -  but I have read it should say  ":/ root#" .




I have to assume that the reason the Passwd part fails is because it is trying to write to the DVD and not the HDD.  Remember, if I do the F8 on start up to get to the  Darwin BOOT prompt and then do  v/ + enter all starts to work OK but of course the DVD has to be in the drive.




So can anyone give me some guidance of how to make the HDD bootable.. Thanks in advance  John



Once again apologies if this is posted twice,,

...Can I ask why you want to use Leopard? 10.5.x is now four revisions out of date. Most guides for it will be lost in the aether. You'll have much more luck trying to run Mountain Lion (10.8.x) or Mavericks (10.9.x).


Also, most people here (quite rightly) look down on the use of distros... Consider trying a manual approach. Much more stable

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