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Wifi - Ralink RT3090 in ML 10.8.2


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Hi everybody 


i have searched for the kext of rt3090 but i found only for 32 bits and i have iatkos ml2 that's it in 64bits .. i've tried to boot in 32 bits but i can't because ml2 is a system based on 64bits ... so is there any solution to get work ralink rt3090 wireless card in iatkos ml2 64 bits ?!


and thank's :) ( sorry for my english :P )

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try this one, is to 2870, but this can work to  you too, install with Kext Wizard app/Repairpermissions/rebuild caches/reboot, then put folder Ralink Wireles Utility in Aplications and open the app, if not work try edit the info.plist from the kext and add the device id of your card, repairpermissions/reboot and try again



Good Look!!!





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idProduct 3090 in HEX = 12432 in Decimal


1814 in HEX =   6164 in Decimal


Try edit all instance 3070..... WITH DECIMAL VALUES idProduct and idVendor ONLY edit it




<key>AzureWave - RT3070</key>
<integer>13061</integer>  edit here
<integer>5075</integer>    edit here
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