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problema accesso iMessage iCloud

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Ciao a tutti dopo aver fatto partire l 'installazione di mavericks ho riscontrato subito un problema al primo riavvio schermo nero e sul monitore appariva nessun segnale; reinstallo tutto da capo installo chimera2,2 come bootloader e nella cartella extra si metto il file orgchamaleonboot.plist che avevo modificato in precedenza sulla chiave usb per far partire l istallazione ho aggiunto nella stringa del kernel flags questo codice


<key>Kernel Flags</key>

<string>darkwake=0 PCIRootUID=0</string>
fin qui tutto funziona il mio hack si spente e accende senza problema anche se ad ogni avvio devo cliccare invio al momento del boot, non so bene il perché!
ora si presenta un altro problema l'accesso ad iCloud App Store e iMessage ho provato sia a usare champlist , a modificare file sbios.list vedendo se concedevano numero di serie e tipo di mac, ed ho provato anche cancellando la scheda di rete e installare un altro file ma niente!
Qualcuno ha delle indicazioni , credo di avere qualche casino all'interno della cartella extra in quanto una volta installato chimera mi compariva solo la cartella modules tutto il resto dei file li ho inseriti io prendendoli dall'usb usata per l installazione.
scheda madre : Asus p5qd turbo
grazie dell'aiuto!

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Avevo provato a installare chamaleon tramite champlist ma al riavvio mi dava il problema del loop infinito, oggi riprovo a fare di nuovo l installazione pulita poi scarico chamaleon ( quale versione?) e a vedere se risolvo.

Questo è l unico problema per il resto mi funziona tutto.


Scheda madre : asus p5qd turbo

Processore: e6500 Intel core duo

2 gb di RAM

Scheda video : geforce 7600 con 1 gb dedicato



Grazie per le risposte

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Ho eseguito nuovamente l installazione da USB con [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] , dopo il primo riavvio ho installato chamaleon 2,2 fatto installazin e ad hoc inserendo come kernel flags darkwave ma si presenta il problema del loop infinito , come posso risolvere?


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    • By Installus
      Hello all!
      I have successfully got my Hackbook online, using USB tethering. Thanks to Herve (can't use special characters, you know who you are!), I also got my audio working.
      I am very much ready to begin setting up iCloud, the App Store, and iMessage/FaceTime. Those services (especially the latter two) are what got me into hackintoshing.
      Problem: The listed services fail to sign me in. iCloud sign in from System Preferences returns "Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud."
      FaceTime returns a registration process fail, the App Store reports that my computer can't be verified, and iMessage reports an activation error. However, iTunes works, except no Apple Music.
      Intel Core i7-2630QM
      GeForce GT 525M (using integrated HD 3000 graphics instead)
      Custom Dell L502X A12 BIOS w/ UEFI support
      OS X Mavericks 10.9.5
      AppleALC + VoodooHDA for audio
      VoodooPS2Controller (trackpad kext likes to cause KP during boot, sometimes)
      Any possible fixes for this?
      Thanks in Advance!
    • By Cyberdevs
      iMessage Fixer is an application which helps you to completely reset your iMessage and FaceTime settings. This app will remove all the preferences related to iMessage and iCloud account from your system and it will also remove the NetworkInterface preferences from your system, so please use with caution. If you are having activation issues with iMessage, this application is not the answer but if you already activated iMessage on your Mac or Hack and the Messages is acting up you can use this app to fix it.
      Your iMessage history will be erased and you might need to sing back in in iMessage and FaceTime.
      This is a quick guide on how to fix iMessage/Messages and FaceTime:
      There are other issues that can result in imessage/Messages and FaceTime not working properly like using a blacklisted Serial Number or MLB or SmUUID or simply an unactivated AppleID. If that's the case you need to use Clover Configurator (or newer version) to rebuild your SMBIOS data with the most updated details like shown in the picture below:

      All you have to do is to select the SMBIOS section and then form the SMBIOS selector choose the most compatible SMBIOS with your hardware:

      Then you need to select the RtVariable section to generate the MLB based on your SMBIOS data and then just click the Generate button next to ROM to automatically generate the MLB and ROM ID based on your SMBIOS and then copy/paste the MLB from the newly generated info into the MLB box next to the ROM filed. Save your new config.plist

      Once you did the steps above and save the config, close Clover Configurator and the run the iMessage Fixer app and then reboot the computer, once macOS is loaded, login into iMessage or Messages using your AppleID and hopefully you can activate your iMessage and FaceTime.

      Important Note:
      If you already signed in AppStore or iCloud using your current config.plist you might need to remove that device from iCloud in order to prevent the Account Lock Up by Apple because once you change the Serial Number, MLB and SmUUID Apple's server will lock your account in order to protect your data and you need to rest the password for your AppleID.

      I hope you find this helpful.
    • By pepitillo
      Hello there,
      I'm been seeing a message on my hackintosh since I've updated to High Sierra, and I thought that it was related to the OS version.
      The message says the following:

      This is displayed when I first log in my desktop (directly with the Finder Application), and whatever that uses Finder Services (choosing a file or location, for example), in every application once from it's opened.
      I have updated my other partition to Mojave, and I have the same problem there.
      For information, I don't use iCloud Services.
      So I don't know if it would be a configuration issue or something like that... I use Clover to boot, and the system is on my signature. The message is a little bit annoying. 
      Is anyone also facing this? 
      Any help will be appreciated.
      Thank you.
    • By bojarek8
      I'm Kris!  I hope my topic is in a good section.
      I am asking you guys for help in this difficult hackintosh problem. 
      For a very long time I tried to solve it myself but I have no idea how I can solve this problem.
      Description of the problem
      My problem is that I do not have access to any apple service. I am unable to log into the App Store using my Apple ID. I am unable to log into iCloud account in system preferences. iMessage and Facetime also do not work.  Messages that I get when I try to log in: "An error occurred during activation. Try again" 
      in iMessage: "An error occurred during activation. Try again" 
      in App Store: "This device or computer can not be verified. Contact the support department for help"
      in Face Time: "There was an error during activation. Try again"
      In summary, I am unable to log in to any apple network service. 
      My Specification 
      Motherboard:  Acer MG43M
      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU  E7600  3.06GHz
      Graphic card: Gigabyte GeForce 9600GT 515MB 
      Wi-fi: TP-LINK  TL-WN881ND
      Ethernet: (not supported) 
      Audio: (rather, it is not needed here)
      My config.plist: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vlYJC329sz6yuTwFr-k0fOs3rfhKeI6l