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Possible to install kext via EFI Terminal?


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I managed to delete a required kext. Now my Osx will no longer boot. It seems, I can't even boot it with a USB stick anymore. When deleting other (non required) kexts, that caused KP, I could always boot into OSX via the USB Stick - but not this time.


I tried to boot into EFI Shell via clover - which works well. I can even see the kext - which I saved to another location on the same hdd (fs1:).


When I try to copy it into S/L/E, I get an error saying, that I have no access to write to this folder.


Is it somehow possible to do what I want (copying the kext into S/L/E) from EFI Shell?


If not - is there any other possibility? Or must I reinstall?


Thanks for your help in advise.




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