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DSDT Speedstep - Please help!


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I have created my own DSDT and patched it as far as I could. Everything works fine, but I really are having problems with the speedstep part of my DSDT. As I am using a first generation i7 860 2.8 GHz I understand that a separated SSDT ist not neccesary. I get approx. 6 p-states, but as my CPU does support up to 18 States a few more would be very nice. Also Turbo doesn't seem to be working, which is really a shame. Could someone have a look at the speedstep part of my DSDT?


My DSDT files (patched and original Version): https://www.dropbox.com/s/gk9yvrdnk9up0wy/DSDT.zip


I really would need a point in the right direction and be very gratefull for any hints and help :)







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my advice to u is to use Clover..


i think is a chameleon problem...


u can try also .. extract from windows u ssdt tables


and use in chameleon


p and c-states=no




good hack

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Have you tried generating a SSDT using Pike's script? Clover is fine as well. Although, in my case, the c-states are not as effective in comparison to a SSDT generated with Pike's script. 


Ok, thank you for that suggestion. I wasn't aware of this script. So, I can use a separate SSDT with my i7 - It's really quite confusion what you read on the interwebs. I assume i DropSSDT from my DSDT via Chameleon/Clover and use the separate generated SSDT.AML instead?


Edit: Hm, I just noticed - the script is vor Sandy- and Ivrybridge only. Not really sure it will work with my Lynnfield firstgen i7.

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