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On Dell Dimension 9200 with VoodooHDA Sigmatel 9277 + AMD HD 6850


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About a year ago, I wrote of my experience setting up my ageing Dell Dimension 9200 in Snow Leo 10.6.8, Lion and Mountain Lion with

VoodooHDA Sigmatel 9277 + NVIDIA 450 GTS HDMI Sound

this involved modding DSDT.aml and VoodooHDA...


this time, I did the same thing with Mavericks (installed using the excellent MyHack package, thanks to its developper), but with a different video card: Asus AMD HD 6850...


I now got the sound working, video with full acceleration (in fact AMD 6xxx is easy to configure with the latest incarnation of Chameleon v2.2 svn r2266...


in the next post I wil write details of the sound settings which gave me some grief until I stumbled upon the latest versions of VoodooHDA (2.82 and 2.84) modded and improved by Slice...


you can already get the code of the Info.plist if you are in a hurry to get the Intel hidef and AMD hdmi sounds working:




otherwise, I am now tinkering with DSDT trying to improve settings for Mavericks on Dell Dimension 9200...

feel free to join in and comment, if interested...

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This is a side note on performance issues -


In Mavericks,

I noticed that Finder loads slower than in Mlion and Lion,

i.e. it takes longer for files/folders to be enumerated and show up on Finder window,

I thiink this is a 2D acceleration issue?


anyone experiencing the same?


I have the Dell XPS 410 aka Dimension 9200, I wrote a guide in the tutorial about get it up and running with 10.8.


link here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288301-108-on-dell-xps-410-aka-dimension-9200/


take a look.

cool, try look at my files and comment...

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The DSDT file DSDT.aml with all injections I could grab for graphics card Asus AMD HD6850...


these were from here:



and here:


(where I also used the modded AMD6000Controller.kext)



if anyone is interested to see if any additions are needed to improve it, please shout... :)


I am still relying on VooddoHDA.kext for audio, it is very capable...

anyone who has a solution for Sigmatel 9277 using AppleHDA.kext and DSDT, I am curious to test it, and use it ;)


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Finally, and just for ASUS AMD ATI Radeon HD 6850 Graphics card, to get the best graphics with HDMI, DVI and DVI to VGA properly recognised,


this is a modded Netkas injector

with the correct ATY bin vga rom, though it might also work for all HD 68xx, by replacing the ATY bin rom, copying and pasting the correct string in ioregistry file (I used textmate):



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Sadly  ATY_Init.kext does not work anymore with the latest updates of Mountain Lion or Maverick, where in fact it is no longer needed, provided GE=yes.


It still works though for Snow Leo and Lion.


Correction: still works if one uses DVI-I to HDMI adaptor for MLion and Mavericks.

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