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10.8.5 on Sony Vaio E Series 14P

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Hi all, I'm a long-time forum browser, first time poster. :) 


I've run into a bit of hassle getting my laptop to boot properly into OS X; the boot settings aren't playing well with my video cards, and any display I'm getting is garbled and on the wrong display. The latter, I can deal with for the moment, but the former is proving quite annoying. I managed to boot into the install but can't get the OS to boot properly. (I also need the boot USB inserted to get it to boot, but it's not that massive a concern so far).


My laptop model is the Sony Vaio E Series 14P, with a number of SVE14A26CG. My system specs are as follows:


CPU: Intel Core i5-3210, 2.5Ghz dual-core


GFX: Intel HD4000 and AMD Radeon 7670M. Has VGA and HDMI out.

HDD: 750GB. Shared with a Windows 8 x64 installation. GPT.


I've tried messing with the Clover settings; closest I've got so far is having the display garbled across the top of the screen, with a black bar with some noise on the left side along the bottom of the screen. This only shows up when I use a HDMI connection to my other monitor. I've tried with both graphics cards, and tried booting with and without GraphicsEnabler and KernelCache, but to no avail. Safe mode stops at the "MAC Framework" message that was so often the bane of my existence. I'm tearing my hair out here! Any help would be much appreciated :)

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Thanks for the input. Don't see how installing a piece of software on a computer is an insult but hey, to each their own. :P

Also, I tried copying some kexts for the 7670M into the appropriate folder and loading them in single-user mode, but they wouldn't load. I'd be happy to work with the HD4000, but the garbled display is a bit much.

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