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My QUO Motherboard build

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this is just my budget build. i hope you like it even though theres not mutch to it.

Akasa case and 600watt psu.   gpu sapphire 5770 vaper-x  cpu 3770k. home made usb bluetooth adapter to-link 4800 wifi card two wd raptor hard drives samsung duel layer dvd player





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i just thought i would show the quo motherboard  water-cooled

Parts used

EK 120 rad. Heat killer version 3/4 inch.Targon tubing swifttec D5pump with EK.140mm combo top custom brackit  to mount pump six 19mm compression fittings

All the water-cooling is fitted to a slide out motherboard tray so its easy to work on . CHANGED to better pics

hope you like them and please comment


Added a few bench marks










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Nice build Baldy_Man! Have you  run any benchies overclocked? It has some good numbers to start with and has potential. :) 

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 @ Zanthros. no i haven't over clocked it. as i have a 2012 asus motherboard for that.

Though i seem to use this pc more lately.

it is for me the Easiest Hackintosh build I've done so far  not problem with updates 

and the build is on a slide out motherboard tray as easy to work. on so I'm pleased with the build

thanks for the like

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