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How to create a DSDT file for my laptop?

Brazilian Joe

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Hi all,


I don't want to sound lazy or anything, but if someone who knows the drill can help me patching my motherboard, I'd be very happy.

Otherwise I am trying to discover how do I find out which patches do I need to make my motherboard work. 


The motherboard is a Clevo W670SR.


CPU: Haswell 4700k

GPU: Intel 4600 + GeForce 750M 2GB


Motherboard: IntelHM86


Audio: VIA High Definition Audio


Wirelesss: Killer 1202 + bluetooth 4.0 combo (bummer it seems)


I'd consider mission accomplished to have the GeForce working 100%. If not viable, I'd still be happy with the intel 4600 with 3D support. I know Optimus wont work. 


Heck, if I can even boot OS X at all I'd be a happy camper. 


I am trying to get a viable DSDT because I have had no luck so far with vanilla hackintosh installers using the most common boot options.

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It's a 4700MQ actually, it's a mobile part.


The notebook has Intel 4600 Graphics, I am totally OK with that if I can enable its acceleration.


Problem is I can't get past the initial sequence. It goes on loading kexts, and as soon as the system repeats the boot parameters, it goes black and stops responding. 


I am figuring I need to have a custom DSDT to have it move forward.

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