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Intel HD 4000 VGA problem


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How do I make the VGA port to work? 

I wanted to make my screen extended to two monitors, so I can multi-task. 
The HDMI is working fine, but VGA is not working fine (Messy Display).

GPU/CPU: Intel HD 4000 Integrated Card (IVY Bridge Intel i7 Processor, I believe 3rd or 4th generation).

Any help?


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Or, if you have DVI, use a DVI2VGA converter:





Well, my Graphic card only have HDMI and VGA (Integrated). 

I have dedicated card, it is AMD Radeon 7770, however, I cannot update to 10.8.5 because it won't boot and not work certain thing.


Perhaps you have to patch the frame buffer, just like some laptop users had to do to use the HD3000. Google for it, but i warn you you may not be able to get it working at all.


All the best!

I will google it. 

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