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Issues After Install on AAO D250 (Snow Leopard)

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Hey everyone, I'm having my first crack at Hack'intoshing with this little Acer Aspire One D250 that I picked up for free & it has been far from plain sailing.


I've got iATKOS S3 V2 on an 8GB USB stick.

I've also got my bootloader, NBI 0.8.4 on another USB stick.


I've set SATA to AHCI and have formatted the drive in Disk Utility to OS X Extended Journaled (done in many times before in OS X on real Macs).


Customised the install with the standard stuff (Voodoo PS/2, GMA 950, Atom Kernel etc. etc.) & the install goes by absolutely fine.


Post install, I restart - I'm welcomed by the bootloader (still NBI running off the USB, decided to go against installing a bootloader onto the HDD).


I hit Macintosh HD, the grey Apple logo & spinning gear appears, it's all going well.


The blue screen appears, and then it hangs.... For a long time. It hangs there for about quarter of an hour before rebooting itself.


Then when I go to try again it gives me the old 'Hibernate image is too old by xxx seconds, use ForceWake=y to overwrite'.


I reboot the system then (seemingly) knowing what's up. Type 'ForceWake=y' under Macintosh HD, hit enter, and then it gives me 'incorrect image signature'.


Rebooting then goes back into the same loop & there we are, in a never-ending vicious circle.


What's going on? Anybody else had this issue before? Thanks.

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