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Boot problem (OSX and Windows)


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Hi to all,

finally i've install osx (with myHack)


But i can't boot it without USB!!!


I've try to reinstall Chameleon.


I've got 3 partitions on my hdd (1TB total):

1 Partition: OSX 10.8 350 GB

2 Partition: Windows 7 500 GB

3 Partition: empty


When i start pc, chameleon dont boot and "Windows Boot Manager" appear!


Windows boot manager have got 2 choise:

1. Windows 7

2. Chameleon


If I choose Chameleon, got this error:

Booting "Avlgo default"

isoemu (hd0.0)/WOWPC.ISO

open file failed.

Error 171884: Cannot mount selected partition

Press any key to continue...



If I press any key nothing change.


What is the problem?



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