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Long wait at "Loading Operating System ..."


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Hello everyone
I have a working 10.6.8 machine (I just posted a GUIDE in installing>Snow Leopard by the way). Its all working fine, except one minor thing (but who knows, may indicate a later bigger problem?):


During startup, it always hangs for 40 seconds at "Loading Operating System..." until it loads chimera. (Going into Bios always takes about 2 minutes, but I suppose that delay is normal?) I already set my SSD on Sata0 as the first booting disk, I even set booting option to HDD / none / none, to be sure its not checking around. But this did not change anything.

I was not able to find out how to enable verbose mode in BIOS (someone in an other forum mentioned that possibility). So for now I only have the usual startup screens before Chimera comes up. The first two checks go really quick. It is on the third when it hangs 40 seconds. Those look like this: (See attached)


Appreciate any help.








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