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Trying to install Mountain Lion on Samsung NP300e4a

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Well I have this Laptop and i installed a retail copy of the SL and it works like a charm (only video/audio/ethernet kexts are missing) BUT i cant start, I see the bootloader but I cant start it. So i need always to use the bootloader disk in order to enter...

I wanted to create a ML USB, i got MyHack and the other one, and both of them reboots after the kext loads... I have already deleted the IntelHD kexts and i get to see the Apple logo but no the loading wheel

can someone help me?

I have Celeron B 800  1,5Ghz (the equivalent to a i3)

Intel HD Graphics 2000 (I saw kexts that make it have QE/CI)

I have tried to use -x, -v, UseKernelCache=No, GE=No and no results... Have someone has an idea?
I want to tryto install and have Mac OSX in my Laptop,

I know hackintosh on laptops are bad idea...Im currently waiting for a Laptop from here (Venezuela) which is very compatible but currently there are none, So I would like to install Mac, and when I can I would copy the HD? (Can someone tell me how to do it because the kexts) Or just reinstall it and have a fully funcional Laptops Mac/Windows (I also saw how to use Parallels in rder to use the Windows partition in the VirtualMachine like bootcamp) and then I would like to save money in order to make my own desktop hackintosh PC

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ML an Lion doesn't work in this laptop.Only SL.

Intel HD 2000 doesn't work too.

You need install bootloader in same HD you installed OS.
Use Clover or Chameleon.


Best choice is install in other machine.

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Oh, I see but I have seen people who had done it to ML (Only they delete the IntelHDGraphicskexts and I do it but didnt work)

Also I dont know how, but I manage to install Niresh (I dont know how I did it because now it doesnt let me, I prefer MyHack than a distro) So I installed the distro of SL and I cant get ML again, even using Niresh... Any clue?


Also I saw in a spanish page that there are kexts for making QE/CI works, but the kexts are independant of the OS? I mean if they are supposed to be for SL, they will work on ML? Or they are like in Windows, every driver is for a respectively OS?

Sorry for my english :( Also Im very pissed off, I really wanted to have Mac OSX, at first it didnt recognize the USB for boot, I fix that, then the HD didnt want to boot (i mean the bootloader, I still cant boot without a bootloader disk but I guess is some kext problem, the same as the USB) I fix it... Now Im trying to install ML from retail and Niresh and they dont work :/


Also, what does "vanilla" means? I have seen many people saying "make it more vanilla"?

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Oh, I see but I have seen people who had done it to ML

Each case is a case. but i guess SL work better.


but the kexts are independant of the OS?

Kext is dependent of the OS. Exemple: My graphic, doens't work in 10.8, but it work in 10.8.4,

But many SL kext work in Lion and ML.

Vanilla is a clear metod, using 99% real OS core. Different of Distro.

Read carefuly in here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners/

But my suggestion is to try install in other machine, because the graphics doesn't work.

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Ok let me see, in the worst I will use only SL :/

Also, there is a way to use the bootcamp option in parallels for my Windows partition? Because I don't want to install it in a partition + vmachine if I can use it both in the same

I'm gonna try with the kexts I told you for enabling QE/CI on Intel HD 2000, I hope it works

Just wondering, why it is forbidden of talk about tonys method? Is a bad method? (I have always used MyHack so I don't know, also I like MyHack modify for MBR and delete kexts that may cause KP)

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Hey how is going, I bought a new laptop with Ivy Bridge i3 and Intel HD4000, but when I use MyHack or USB Vanilla I get Still waiting for root device (if I use Niresh it install it but I dont like distros) Also, whats the difference between DSDT and SSDT? My Laptop has 6 SSDT how do I know which one should I use? (and how do I patch them?)

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