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There hasn’t been much progress to it for quite some time except from volunteers... as Oz was never open source. Ozmosis ´successor’ is OpenCore which is open source

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19 hours ago, IronManJFF said:

There hasn’t been much progress to it for quite some time except from volunteers... as Oz was never open source. Ozmosis ´successor’ is OpenCore which is open source

Can be inserted into bios as ozmosis? 

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Ozmosis XMAX-Extended not working now with 10.15.4. "Could not locate SMC provider". I guess that a kernextpatcher.plist update it is needed.

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You are correct about that. I have reworked the KernextPatcher.plist pretty heavily in attempt to make the patches more futureproof and reliable.


I want to stress once more:

On 7/1/2019 at 1:35 AM, TypeThree said:

Now with OpenCore as Ozmosis successor I think we should stop providing Ozmosis for beginners but instead try to generate a DataBase of information for people that are interested, want to patch around, learn or have fun. This can be this thread or if you guys have some good suggestions, go ahead and comment my idea!


The Ozmosis project for me is now only a way to learn more about various topics. I don't use Ozmosis anymore as I have switched to its way superior successor OpenCore but I still play around with Ozmosis once in a while and keep learning interesting stuff.

To all beginners: Please use OpenCore instead of Ozmosis nowadays!

To any Ozmosis enthusiasts and fools like me just playing around: Do what you want with your Ozmosis projects but please be careful and know the risks!


With that said, here is a new KernextPatcher.plist which should support every OS from Catalina 10.15.4 (and maybe even higher) down to Mountain Lion.

Place it on your EFI Partition next to the Oz folder and refer to the UEFTW Github Wiki regarding any issues.

Please provide feedback! Cheers!


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