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Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Post Install issues. Help ?

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Hey guys, so i've managed to install Both Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit on the same HDD in MBR Mode.

The Mountain Lion install was a vanilla one. Downloaded the DMG file, Made some changes to it so that it can install to MBR, and installd Chamelion Boot Loader to the same USB.

First installed Mountain Lion and then Windows 7, everything went smoothly as i expected. The Main problems im facing in Mountain Lion are Audio and the boot loader.


Problem 1 :- Audio is not working even after installing Realtek Kext and Voodoo Kext through M-beast and otherways. I dont have speakers, i only use a headphone. Anyway, the audio is not working and no sound output devices detected.


Problem 2 :-I've installed chamelion bootloader, updated it, and also installed a theme through chamelion wizard. The thing is that, i am able to boot from HDD, but its not showing the theme, just the plane text, where we select OS with Arrows.


Problem 3 :- The apple logo on bootup is stretched and not full screen, though i have selected 1080p resolution in both M-beast and Chamelion Wizard.


Problem 4 :- Sometimes Mountain Lion freezes and i should restart the whole system. Random Freezes while doing actions, like opening folder or launching something from dock.


I' dont know if my Graphics Card ( Asus GTX 560) is working good with OS X, but so far so good. Can someone please tell me how can i check if my card is working with OSX.? Also my card is Shown in About this Mac.


Extra info :- I've installed my own dsdt (from dsdteditor) through M-beast.

                   Sleep Not working, Restart and Shutdown is Working.


Is there anything else should i install to make the system stable..?


Please answer my questions, mainly about sound prob and Boot theme prob. Thanks a Bunch !

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