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nVidia Quadro FX 880M on HP 8540w - VGA out not working

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Hi all,


I have successfully installed 10.8.2 on my 8540w.


Video card is recognized as Quadro FX 880M in system report.


When I connect an external monitor to VGA port, then go to Displays and use Detect Displays, nothing happens, and no image on the external monitor.


Attaching a screenshot from system report PCI cards.


If you have any suggestions on what I could try, please help.


I don't shy away at the technical stuff being a developer myself (Java), but I'm new to the OSx86 stage.


Thanks in advance.





Forgot to add:


HW Acceleration seems to work just fine. (i can see a difference between safe boot (launchpad is horrible), and normal boot - launchpad is smooth as butter).

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Analog VGA doesn't work on ML right out of the box. Although I've seen people get it working with kext tricks or hdmi-vga or dvi-vga adapters. 

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Do you have any details on what kext tricks mean?

I know how to install / remove kexts, but that's it :-)


Or I'm even willing to use a DVI-to-VGA adapter if I could get it to work.




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