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GTX 700 Series Web Drivers Vs Official


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So I've been trying out the 10.8.3 web drivers for my new GTX 770 and having a lot of problems with kernel panics, hangs, freezes, artifacts, video stutter.... aka total nightmare and pretty impossible to edit video when it crashes every 5 minutes. 


Instead, it does seem to work and be more stable with nvdastartup:official. Even though system report doesn't exactly know what the card is. Listed as NVIDIA Chip Model. System Info app does however show nvidia kexts loaded, and that it's a gk104 Chip / gtx 770 based on the device ID's. 


My question is, am I missing out on anything by not using the web drivers for this card? Like CUDA or OpenCL? Right now I just need a system that doesn't crash, and am willing to wait for driver updates. Using the web drivers was pretty unbearable. 


Any advice/insight greatly appreciated. This is my first hackintosh, and first discrete GPU so not quite sure what to expect from NVDIA. 

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