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Applying DSDT patches to Clover

Ingwie Phoenix

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Hey everyone!


I have managed to get Mac OS X 10.8.4 working on a Vaio Duo 11 and have used the Clover EFI bootloader since I really didn't want to return to BIOS/MBR booting after having gotten used to UEFI/GPT booting ^^;.


Now, I have the issue that my screen is recognized as an external monitor. So when I sleep my Hackintosh, the screen stays all bright - thus, I can't change the brightness at all.


Here are some of the details that I know of about the Vaio:

Name: Vaio Duo 11

Version: SVD1121X9EB

Graphics: Intel HD 4000


CPU: Intel i5

HD: 128GB SSD (currently 3 partitions, GPT/GUID)

Ethernet: Some Realtek, its recognized properly

WiFi: an Intel WIFI card...I heared I can not get this one to work in OS X which is kinda bad.

Screen is a retina display - it can do some 1900-something resolution, and its an 11" one.


The clover instructions have been confusing me forth and back. I can't figure out where to playe the DSDT file, and especially, I can't really tell what the piece of DSDT means.

The bit of DSDT I found here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/236835-updated-2012-genericbrightnesskext/



Also I must say, very nice forum here =).


Regards, Ingwie!

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