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X7DWA-n patching (5400 series Xeon board)


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Hi guys, I've been running a few years using a DSDT that Maldon originally helped me patch when I was running 667mhz fsb 5400 series Xeons (5430's) & 667mhz fb-dimms.   I now have 5462's and 8 sticks of 800mhz FB-dimms, and I keep burning the damn things out when booted to OSX for any period of time.  In reading & coming up to speed, I noticed Maldon's older tool that I used before has locked threads now (DSDT auto-patcher) and so want to go about figuring out the current best strategy.  RTC?  EHCI?  Swap the pci root device issue?  etc...

But before that, what is the most current set of utils to use to dump my tables from Windows so I can get the most current PCI/PCIe device tree and hopefully account for the different cpu's & ram that I have now?

Thanks for any help and I'm willing to expand this topic as needed if I learn enough as I go...

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