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Gigabyte H87-HD3 Haswell Mavericks

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My specs:

mobo: GA-H87-HD3

cpu: I7 4770

ram: 2x4 GB

gpu: gtx 260

wifi: WN7200ND


Bios setup:

- Onboard SATA set to AHCI mode


- XHCI mode set to Auto


- EHCI Hand-off enabled


- XHCI Hand-off enabled


-BIOS Ver: F3



I create bootable stick using myHack to install Mavericks.

But when I boot, stucks at "[iOBluetoothHCIController][start] --completed". I tried with "-x -f -v" and I was able to install. After install the same problem. Only with "-x -f -v" works. This happens without gpu.


If I put gpu stucks at "PCI Configuration Begin". I tied with "npci=0x2000, npci=0x3000" and same result.

Does exist kext for wn7200nd?


Any ideas?


Sorry for my English.

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After spending 16 hours on my standing desk trying to get H87-HD3 to work, I just gave up. There is just not enough people talking about it. I was trying to use the following thread as a guide:



However, I could not get AppleIntelE1000e.kext to patch correctly, hence I was without a network.


I also run a raid 0 setup, so fixing the clock speed issue is not as simple as installing chimera, I tried that without any luck, im not sure what I did wrong I used the following method:




I just give up, im actually going to exchange my motherboard for z87-D3HP, there is much more conversation going on around that board.

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What gpu use?

Had to think for a second who you were asking, I am using gtx 670 with internal graphics disabled in the BIOS

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