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[Solved] ASUS X501A ML : Boot Hanging Post-Install, Not Sure of Cause?

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Been trying to install ML on my Asus X501A.

Snow Leopard works great but I want to try a clean install of ML.

ML install completed successfully but now I'm stuck here:




I don't see any panic or indication of why it's hanging right there... Is it the "Waiting for AppleSMC"?

I'm using FakeSMC.kext from iATKOS ML2. SMBios.plist for MacbookPro 8,1

Hardware specs are in my signature. Any ideas?

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*** Solved ***


Needed to remove:


From ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext > Plugins > MacBookPro8,1.plist inside of the IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext


*** EDIT ***


Working actually very smooth now with proper kexts!



Will post more details as I continue to test the stability! CPU is now showing as an i7, lol (Was unknown in 10.6)  :)

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