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I was able to successfully install OS X 10.8 on my Surface Pro. Credit going to Jake Weidman. ( 

 - Tutorial Video)


Most things work out of box, apart from Bluetooth, Wifi and touchscreen. 


I just a few post-installation questions. I've already spent hours looking into this online, and couldn't find anything that works. So, that's why I'm turning to the community for some help.


-OS X detects the touch screen. When tapping on the screen, the cursor will move to 0,0. Also, if you have four fingers on the screen, the fifth will be able to control the cursor. As it gets closer to the edges, it does not align properly, however. I've tried many drivers to try to get it to work, but all have failed. Is there possibly another one that may be proven to work?


-Stylus. The stylus works oob with pressure sensitivity. But, like I mentioned with the 5th finger, it does not align properly on the screen. Does anyone know of some kind of way to calibrate this?


-Marvell Avastar 350N Wireless Adapter. Any open source alternatives to getting this to work on OS X?



Thank you very much!

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Congrats on getting it installed!


I was wondering when someone was gonna do it on the Surface Pro


Now, your wifi is a bit of a problem. Linux is too different in that wifi adapters cant be just ported from Linux to OS X. There needs to be some sort of pro looking at that.


However, if you find some drivers for *BSD, those can be ported with fewer issues as BSD is OS X's grandfather.

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