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Drag and Drop not working on trackpad, VPCEB16FG.

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Hey guys,


I am running a near perfect hackintosh on my laptop Sony VAIO VPCEB16FG complete with QE/CI (EDID injecter in conjunction with patchvbios of clover bootloader), BatteryMonitor, Speedstep (x16, x7).


I am using Rehabman's VooDooPS2Controller. While, the trackpad itself works fine, the drag and drop doesn't. I cant hold on to my left click button and drag using the trackpad.


This is a pain especially while working with multiple windows or installing kexts. I cannot even select text (SERIOUSLY?), please help?


PS: iATKOS ML2 updated to 10.8.4.



Kalpak Khemka.

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