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I´m new here an my English isn´t the best :P


My Problem is:

First but not the Main-Problem:

When i want to boot the Iatkos ML2 from Dvd, it freezes by booting with the bootloader.


Solution for that:

I downloaded the Chameleon Bootloader, burned them on Cd.

Booting from Bootloader Cd.


So then i put the Iatkos ML2 Dvd in my Laptop an want to boot. 

But always i get a Kernelpanic. 


I try to boot with -x -v -pcirootuid=1 -Usekernelcache=no -Graphicenabler=no -npci= 0x2000 (already 0x3000) and many more....



Bios Settings are set to the required settings


My System:

Hp Pavilion Dv6 6b06eg

Cpu: Intel Core i5-2430M

Ram: 4 GB

64-Bit System with Windows 8 Pro

Graphics: Radeon HD 6770M

                Intel HD Graphics 3000 



Can someone help? 
Thanks ;) 


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