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Boot problem with my computer


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Hi here,


Firstly here is my configuration:
AMD Radeon 7870HD by ASUS

I come to you because I have problems with my installation.
In fact I prepared a USB key of Mac Os 10.8.4 with the application dignity purchased.

The installation went smoothly, although I can adjust the white screen problem on boot, Now my computer load to the desktop without using the standby mode.

I just can not boot if I leave my HD7870 connected, I get a black screen with a bunch bizare writing, without reaching the bootloader.
If I remove my HD7870 boot is perfectly fine with the HD4000 contained in my CPU.

I can start my machine if I boot with my usb key, and arrived in bootloader I select my hard drive and mac OS boot properly.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my problem, I hope so get a solution.


Ps : This is the screen i got when i boot without my usb key :


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Good News the update of the boot loader works fine, but i have to do with chameleon wizard.

Thanks a lot you save me 200€ cause i was going to buy a new graphic card :thumbsup_anim:

my radeon appears as HD7XXX 2048Mo in the system information but at least i don't have the boot problem :P


Thanks you again i'm going to continue read the post you show me.

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