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On iPhone 4 work better then iOS 6.


I hope Apple beautify the design and repair the bug  i' ve seen any crash with any App but i think only because they are not project for this version of iOS.

The new multitasking work like sharm better of android camera is sharper than before 

At the end for the users like me can' t have Siri i hope Apple add in iOS 7 the search in iphone a haven't see it anyway.


Greetings Alberto

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@bberts You know if you magically swipe down on the home screen anywhere that won't activate notification center you'll see that familiar search box pop up again. :)  On the topic of how the OS is, I'll speak on behalf of DP2 since DP1 isn't worth speaking about in comparison, DP2 begins to shed light on bits and pieces of what the GM version of iOS 7 might look like.  I like the new features Apple has added in thus far though the UI changes they made are a real beach to deal with when re developing your app for iOS 7.  The iPad being on its first beta is buggy in animations on my 3rd gen iPad so I can only speak on its behalf but I may safely assume that the iPad's first iOS 7 is buggy since a lot needs to be ironed out within it.

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Actually I installed beta 2, first version for iPad,.

My Mavericks works better by far than my iPad with iOS.

During switching apllications it brakes considerably.

Safary hangs often for this reason I use Chrome.

Video camera doesn't work.

But I see big step in constrant to conversion from ios 5 to ios 6.

It's became more modern. Transparency of windows appeared.

I look forward to beta 3 of ios 7 :)

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People worldwide are complaining about the icons; I don't care the choosen style as long as it's made to be coherent. Now it is not; some icons are flat (Notes, Calc, Images, Calendar...) and some have a vertical gradient  (App Store, Settings, Music, Camera....) I'm surprised that no one point that out; that's the only real reason one should complain about.


iOS7 is quite a revolution. You can find so many updates here and there, I love it. It hangs and respring often but at this stage of development I guess is something you have to live with.

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Noticed when using the five finger swipe to return to the home screen, the screen will go blank and would require a hard reboot.

By the way, How many time does it take to boot your Apple device?

The point is that I noticed my Ipad boot too long in spite of it has only two application pages. It happens since I have been having  DP4/5/6. Before that it was booting quite quickly. 

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The new design of iOS 7 makes my stomach turn. As I'm developing iOS apps professionally I have no choice, I have to to get along with it but for my personal use I'm done with iOS.  :thumbsdown_anim:


Mieze (a totally frustrated cat) 

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      I've just upgraded to OSX Catalina from Mojave on my VMWare Workstation 15.5, running on Windows 10.
      The Sidecar feature is there, and after connecting my iPad Pro 12.9" 2018 running iPadOS 13.1.2 via USB cable, it is recognized as a display device in the Sidecar preferences.
      However, when I enable it, the Sidecar screen on the iPad is completely black / blank. I can't send anything over, and if I mouse over the green + on an app window (i.e. Safari) to move it to the iPad, nothing happens and the screen remains blank. The sidebar will only appear after I turn it off and on again at Catalina's Sidecar preferences. The buttons there actually work. For example, if I move Safari over to iPad, the screen is blank, but if I activate the on-screen virtual keyboard and type there, the text actually goes to the Safari's search bar (the Safari still appears on the desktop).
      Is this a compatibility issue with VMWare, where Catalina can't properly recognize the second screen? I've tried changing host VM settings too, i.e. to "host setting" or 2 monitors, enable / disable 3D acceleration, nothing works. the iPad is definitely correctly connected, as I can browse / backup its data at the Finder.
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      I updated the sources of the decompkernelcache tool.
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      It can do this with prelinked kernel caches compressed with LZSS and LZVN.
      It can also extract already decompressed prelinked kernel cache binaries.
      It is also possible to specify an architecture to extract (in case of a multi architecture prelinked kernel cache).
      It works with any version of the OS X kernel cache (It works for 32 and 64 bit, extracting all).
      I tested it on a prelinked kernel of iOS also, it was able to do this to an iPhone 4S prelinked kernel too. (32-bit ARM)
      It works on Mac OS X prelinked kernel data with any version or architecture (32/64-bit works, can extract Big Endian data so if you manage to have a PowerPC prelinked kernel it can handle them too).
      It should be able to handle any architecture and any Darwin deployment target.
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      do you know where someone could start getting involved in development for Hackintosh / IOS (jailbreaks etc.) development? I am searching for information about the Kernel development rather than developing apps. 
      I recently finished my bachelor of engineering in electric engineering but the computer science always interested me more. We are being tought about some principles of a operation systems and writing code in c..
      Until know I found the apple developer website, and the books from Jonathan Levin (but they are some kind of expensive for my current situation as a student).
      I also think that it would be useful to get started with the structure of the linux kernel.
      Do you have more sources I could learn more? How did you become what you are know in the hackintosh community? 
      Google is not very helpful "Hackintosh development" only brings up how to develop apps with an hackintosh...
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      And for sure other sources are the wikis of insanelymac and the other hackintosh websites!
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      We are very close to WWDC 18, so the expeculations are very high. Look at this graphics:

      One of the big expectations for macOS is be a cross-platform system, to help developers bring their iOS apps to the Mac platform.
      Let's see...

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