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Mavericks Clean install only?

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I had a HDD with 10.6.8 that i used with my AMD machine, and moved it to my main machine when i bought a bigger one for the AMD installation and decided to run Lion on it. Since Snow Leopard with an Ivy Bridge CPU is kind of problematic, i decided to test mavericks on this HDD.


I had previously installed Mavericks on a 16GB USB thumb drive, so i could install it on my MBR-partitioned netbook disk, so i decided to use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy this installation to the 10.6.8 HDD. I also decided to preserve files unique to the destination, instead of the usual "delete anything that's not on the source" setting, so i could keep all my apps and personal files i previously used with Snow Leopard.


After the clone process ended, i did a reboot from the now-Mavericks HDD, using -f (ignore caches) and got a kernel panic related to nawcom's "Evil" kexts i needed for my AMD machine and that used to give me no issue for the Core i5. I went back to my main (Mountain Lion) installation and deleted those kexts, and restarted again from the Mavericks installation, using -f. This time all went fine, and i up to now i noticed absolutely no side-effects other than that solved kernel panics, besides the fact i successfully kept all my files and apps. There are issues indeed, but all seem to be the same all Mavericks users are experiencing regardless of installation methods - app and hardware compatibility issues, mostly.


All the best!

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Hi !

What do you think guys?

Clean install or not?


theres a lot of software to reinstall if i do the clean install option..




It's much less stable than ML DP back those days, so i'd suggest you don't update it over existing install.

Most importantly, this is, as stated in it's name a preview for developers, so they can prepare their software to be ready for the official launch. Therefore many software packages won't work, or will with problems, just to name few examples, TotalFinder not working (due to the changes in finder), Tunnelblick is more unpredictable than ever, jitsi has problems with sound input (what the hell did they do to java...), little snitch is in nightlies and i already got KP with it.

If you have a spare drive however, you can clean install onto it, then use migration assistant to transfer profile and application data to your new 10.9. Already tested, works without a fuss, though takes crapload of time.

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Upgrade works fine, with the normal caveats! Clone your present ML install to another partition or hardrive and do the upgrade to 10.9 there (NEVER on your original, working ML install). Expect some conflicts with some ML kexts when going to 10.9. In my case VoodooHDA caused a KP - needed a new version to add sound and not KP in 10.9.

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