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OSX won't boot after GeForce 9000 series driver install

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I had a build that was working perfectly today, with the exception of the graphics. I had a GeForce 9500GT card in an older machine that I put in it and could load it up with -x flag. I then installed the GeForce 9000 series driver and can no longer boot OSX - have tried several flags but nothing working.


I've attached images of verbose mode on the machine.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Should have listed my spec too, sorry:


Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H/GA-H77-DS3H

Intel i3-3225

8GB Corsair DDR3 RAM


Mountain Lion was working on this no problem without graphics, audio or network.


I added my Mbox, audio worked fine, no problem.

I installed a TP-Link network card, which worked OOB, all fine still.

I added my GeForce 9500GT card, which would boot in safe mode.

After installing the 9000 series drivers, I could no longer boot in any mode and saw the above in verbose mode.



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Hi Artur,


I re-installed my graphics card using the VGA cable and disabled the onboard card. Before this, I didn't get any signal through my graphics card but I can now get through. It still hangs though - I've attached a picture of this in verbose mode.


Thanks again!




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