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Dotted (rgb) artifacts in 660ti whit clover 10.8.4


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Hi all,


Recently finished setting up my machine in UEFI mode with clover and while it seemed to have no problems, I started to notice a artifact when the pc is in repose downloading something o simply in no use (no sleep). The artifact is a gray screen filled with multicolored dots like photoshop noise, 


Someone knows why this could happen, the truth is that search and did not find anyone with similar problems and is not the 660ti because in windows works great in games or productivy.


My Machine is:

i5 3450


Intel DH77KC


Retail installation whit Clover in UEFI mode and GraphicsInjector = NO, I am using the default driver of nvidia for osx. The only kexts installed are FakeSMC and AppleHDA. smbios imac 13,2


PD. sorry for my english



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