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HOWTO - Boot-132: Add or change "OSBundleRequired" value to Boot-132 kexts


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Just make sure that the last 4 lines of the Info.plist of the kexts (in Boot-132) looks like this:


You probably already know that kexts located in Boot-132 must set "OSBundleRequired" to "Root" in the Info.plist file. You also probably already know how to locate & edit Info.plist file but there is people that still don't know. So, I will try to explain it here how.


First, this is how we locate Info.plist file in Boot-132. It is located inside any kexts file.

1) This is the content of (example) Boot-132 CD:-



2) Double-click initrd.img file to mount "initrd" volume & this is the content of "initrd" volume:-



3) Browse to "Extra/Extensions/" folder:-



4) We need to "Show Package Contents" to locate Info.plist file in this kext (use this kext as an example):-



5) This is the content of kext file:-



6) Browse to "Contents" folder & there it is Info.plist file:-



When we know where is the Info.plist file, it is easier for us to edit the file to add or change "OSBundleRequired" entry. There are a couple of editor that can be use to edit PLIST file for example PlistEdit Pro, Property List Editor and TextEdit. We also can use command line text editor such as nano or vi. In this HOWTO, I will show you how to edit Info.plist file using vi editor.


1) Open Terminal program & execute "sudo -s" to gain enough permission level to edit Info.plist file. When it ask for password just enter your user password:-



2) When we mount initrd.img it will mounted a volume called "initrd". In Mac OS X environment, it is located in "/Volumes" folder, where "Volumes" folder located at root of your Mac OS X partition. So, we need to navigate to "/Volumes/initrd/Extra/Extensions/" where the kexts located:-



3) For example we want to edit Info.plist file of AppleVIAATA.kext. This is how we want to edit it with vi editor (press enter after entering the command):-



4) After we execute above command, it will open Info.plist file in Terminal. Use "UP", "DOWN", "LEFT" & "RIGHT" button (arrow key) at your keyboard to navigate the content of Info.plist file. Right now we want to check the last 4 entry, so navigate down to the end of the content:-



5) Looks like "OSBundleRequired" was set to "Local-Root", so we need to change it to "Root" instead. Move the cursor (using arrow key) so that the cursor will be at character "R" of "Local-Root". Press "I" button at your keyboard one time, you will see "-- INSERT --" at the bottom left corner of Terminal window. After that, the file is ready to be edited, press "Backspace" button to remove "Local-" from "Local-Root" so that it will be "Root":-



6) Press "Esc" button at your keyboard one time (no problem at all if you decided to press it a million of time :dev: ). After that press ":", "w" & "q" button at your keyboard. Actually it is a command to "write" & "quit", you will see ":wq" at the bottom left corner of Terminal windows:-



7) Press enter after entering the above (:wq) command. It will return to Terminal prompt:-



Good luck. :dev:



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