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Use the CTRL button as Command on your keyboard


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This is pretty straight-forward and most experienced people know it already.

However, I've had a few people ask how to do it so I thought I might as well post it here.


By the end you'll be able to use your CTRL key on your keyboard as the Mac command key. So, example, you'll be able to open new tabs in Firefox using CTRL+T.


Click the Apple icon in your menu bar

Click System Preferences

Select the Keyboard & Mouse option

At the bottom, click Modifier Keys...


For the Control (^) Key, select ⌘ Command

For the Command (⌘) Key, select ^ Control




Click Ok


That's it!

Try it out on Firefox or Safari. CTRL+T will open a tab. CTRL+W will close it. CTRL+Q will close the browser completely

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