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OK, so yesterday I finally got OSX working on my PC properly. I've been trying to get it working for a while now, but usually lost the patience, or as soon as I got a panic, I'd quit and revert to Windows.


Recently I had a lot more time to play around with it, and so with many hours reading and testing, I got it working. The end-solution is straightforward and simple - with only one panic screen (which is a common one and is easily fixed).


You can find the full guide on how I installed Leopard 10.5.6 on my PC here

I intend for the topic to be a full featured guide, including tutorials on how to do other things on OSX once you've got it installed.


The only kernel panic I experienced so far was when I was mounting .dmg files. A quick Google search told me that this could easily be solved using the seatbelt.kext from 10.5.5.

I managed to download a copy of this kext file from this board. Later I realised that on the iPC Install Disk, there is in fact an option to install this kext during installation.

So if you ever have this problem, you just need to kext file. If you've not yet installed OSX and plan to use the iPC disk, just check the seatbelt.kext option in the Customisation stage.


I'm no OSX expert, but will be dedicating more and more time to it, and I am to start developing my own solutions as I become more experienced.

For now, thank you to all who made it possible to run such an awesome OS on such cheap hardware!


Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and guides

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