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4th Install immediate fail - Failed to load ~.ACPIPCI ... still waiting for root device.


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Well its just shy of midnight here, so this is the last update for Sunday (.au time)... just as well I have Monday off work.


Try removing IOPCIFamily.kext under Fixes and Patches if you have it selected. That did it for me (also had the Apple ACPIPCI and Still waiting .....)


So this is post 311 of the iPC Universal Final Release thread on insanely mac forums.


And low and behold that was the result of the last installation... try again... onto 5th install...


Fifth Install:

Same as fourth Installation, just without the IOPCIFamily.kext patched "Fix". Hope that unfixes the roadblock of getting a stable Hack`


So that'll continue installing into today... it's Monday now. Nitez all.

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