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After finally getting a real MacBook black (MB063) I have a production machine I do my work on. That meant it was time to try out some new hacks, and I decided I would give Leo4All a go since it sports 10.5.2 and have gotten a lot of positive feedback. My hardware was my previous BrazilMac 10.5 upgraded to 10.5.1 which now has so many problems it really needed a fresh install. The hardware consists of:


EPoX EP-5EPA+ BIOS 04.12.22 (4C22) with ALC850 audio and Marvell 88E8001 Gb LAN

Intel Celeron D 2.8GHz (335) CPU

1GB memory (2x512MB dual channel mode DDR400)

Gainward GeForce 7300GT PCI-Ex16 graphics card (nVidia 256MB)

Samsung SyncMaster 151s primary display (1024x768 @ 70Hz) (ended up removed)

BenQ PB8240 secondary display for home theatre (1024x768 @ 60Hz) (ended up as primary display)

Hitachi Deskstar 250GB SATA2 drive (all HFS+ and GUID) SATA channel 1

NEC/Sony AD-7200S SATA dual layer DVD-writer SATA channel 2 (ended up as external USB)

Billonton Bluetooth USB dongle

Logitech Wireless USB keyboard, keypad and mouse

Cooler Master midi tower with 300W ATX power


First problem was that no compilation I had of Leopard would boot properly with the DVD-burner connected to a SATA channel. I tried Brazilmac, Kalyway and Leo4All. Good thing I had an SATA to USB converter. Using the DVD burner as an external drive worked miracles. Booted Leo4All fine and installed using English language (didnt dare to try Norwegian in case the language file wasnt present - but I guess it was). Customized the installation to not include the "helpfull software", but added these options:


Azalia audio patch


skge network patch


Actually, I didnt add these during install but afterwords from my previous Leopard working HD. So I cannot guarantee that the Natit that came with Leo4All will make the graphics work, as I dont recall which version I used in the first place.


Installation took a while, especially the repair permissions part at the very end. I guess about an hour.


Everything seems to work great. Though I havent tried all the stuff yet. Time Machine might not work, but there was a patch there to make it work. The About this Mac crashes and reload the Finder or login window if you have automatic login disabled. QE/CI supported through hardware after Natit loaded.


I now only have the BenQ projector connected to this machine as it will be used only for viewing films and TV-series. It will also be a test bench for any other new apps I run across, and to test translation processes of various projects I work on.


I enabled screen sharing, and installed the HP AIO 3055 printer for scanning.


Mirror displays do not work at all. But dual displays works great. And of course the DVI output is the main display, which is just fine since my projector has DVI input.


XBench tests are about the same as with 10.5.0 and 10.5.1. Search for McMARGE if you are curious how the tests went. 10.5.2 tests not posted since they were so similar to 10.5.1.


I am glad to see that all my external USB devices work again after the fresh install. We will see how long they last until they stop being recognized by Leopard again.


Oh, and I love my MacBook. The only thing I would wish for was that CTRL was left of Fn on the keyboard. And a bit faster graphics. The Sims 2 could be more fluid like on the iMac.... Now I just need a bunch of extra gizmos like an iPhone, iPod, Time Capsule.... :dev:

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Update on life with Leo4All - April 2008Whats it been now? A month or so? The machine seems very happy with Leo4All. I have not experienced any problems with copying large files (over 64MB) anymore. This was probably due to too many SATA devices in the machine. I am guessing it might have had a problem with more than 2 devices. I had 2x250GB drives and a SATA DVD-burner on my previous install. Now I just have the one 250GB drive.Ive been using my SATA DVD-burner as an external devices using a USB-SATA bridge and so far it has worked great.Havent used iTunes to rip/encode any MP3s though, since Ive been using the MacBook instead. So no real update on the iTunes importing problems and disappearing drives which I used to have.Also, havent used any USB storage devices with Leo4All so I cannot say if it fixed those disappearing drives either.I am mainly using the system for Azureus and Front Row. Works great every day for that purpose. Though I am starting to look for a Mac mini to fill that task. Or even an Apple TV if I can figure out a way to rent movies with my debit card (yes, I am working on it so an update will follow).Havent installed any software updates though, but I will probably install all the application updates soon.We will see in a few more months how the system keeps up :thumbsup_anim:

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Guest garydauphin

I never had any luck with Leo4All, but am making great strides with Kalaway disk though.See my blog on Sony Vaio (VGC-LS35) under Gee Deezy.Could use some help with Ethernet, sound.

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