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After backing up files and making an App list, the poor old iMac got wiped out, but it was for the better. I am now up and running again, but instead of 10.3.9, this time I am running 10.4.7. I upgraded to Tiger on this old iMac G3, and I have to say it runs just fine. I already had 512MB of memory in it, so that helped. I am currently designing the new church site (as I think I mentioned before) and I am running Photoshop CS2 as well as Dreamweaver 8 on here with Tiger and it is running fine. I decided to do a speed test for application launching so I took my 400mhZ iMac and a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a 1.7GHz Pentium M and opened Photoshop CS2 on both of them at the same time. The results were impressive. Photoshop still launched 10sec faster on the iMac than the Dell laptop. Now, the Dell laptop has a fair chance in this fight because when I got it I wiped it out and installed a stripped down copy of XP on it with none of the extra junk Dell puts on it. So it runs very fast, but the iMac still beat it. I am happy that I now have dashboard (I digitized all my Sticky notes) and Spotlight may not be instant, but still finds stuff in less then 5 seconds. I am glad to finally own a real Mac.


On another note, this seems to be the summer of Mac. Two of my friends from collage bought Macs, one a used iBook 500mhZ G3 and the other a top of the line MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Core Duo. They are supposed to come over next week so we can play with some Mac software because neither have ever owned a Mac before, Last semester in collage was the first time they had ever even worked on a Mac. I am glad to have talked them into purchasing what I believe is the world's best computer for digital media. Now, they both have nice and fast XP machines that they will still work on, but both of them are in Digital Multimedia classes with me and so all the work is done in Photoshop and iMovie and Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, and Flash on the Mac. I figured this would be a good way to keep a consistent environment between school and home. And the MacBook Pro can run Windows XP SP2 as well, which is what he plans on doing with it for gaming purposes and Office productivity. Well, it's getting late and I have church in the morning, so God bless and I will let you know what happens with the Mac attack next week!

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