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Colonels Paint 1.0b1


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Copied from the Colonels Paint thread:


Well, Colonels Paint has gone a long way since it started back in May. Alpha after alpha, beta after beta. I'm very happy with everyone contributing to testing, and making new icons. Thanks a lot everyone.


Today, I'm pleased to announce Colonels Paint 1.0. I've been working on it for a while now, but I've tried to keep it hidden. So without further adu, I bring you Colonels Paint 1.0!


Colonels Paint 1.0



Here's what's new in 1.0b1:


Draw squares

Draw lines

Write text

A ruler to measure your shapes

Printing actually works now!

Saving in 3 different formats, TIFF, PDF, and a new one CPG (Colonels Paint Graphic)

Change the width of an object's borderline

Resize and delete shapes and text.

Comes in a custom made DMG file (Thank you MisterCow for helping me on this one)


Here's what's still needs to be fixed:


Saving as a ColonelsPaint Graphic format


If everyone could try it out and let me know what else needs to be fixed, that'd be great!


Happy doodling! :dev:

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