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:welcomeani: !!!!! A lot of people want help with samsung laptops etc etc. Here is the story of my hackintosh! Now then my first plan was using the IATKOS distro.


I found out later that my disk was damaged :poster_oops:.I started the install it worked up to the 4 minute mark(But my graphics card was not set up anyway). It got to the point whare I was close to giving up :wallbash:. Every guide I read made me more confused at this point I needed a lot of info :help: :help: :help::hammer: :hammer: . At last I managed to install. Now at this point I was a hackintosh noob and im still learning :graduated:. By playing with things like DSDTSE you too can get a fully working hackintosh. bye!!!!!! :plane::happymac: :happymac: :happymac: :happymac: :happymac: :happymac: :happymac: :happymac:

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