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Can your smartphone stand up to a train?!

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Hey, everyone! Yes I'm still alive and everything else.


I started off by watching several YouTube clips where certain people place their own camera along a railway. Within a minute or two, they allow a moving train to run over it! For some videos, their cameras stood still. For at least one, wind resistance and poor positioning allowed such a camera to be tipped over. I saw one that later aimed toward the sky. Another one later viewed only one side rail instead of both.


And then came this past Memorial Day late morning, just minutes before I drove to work (still had plenty of time). Yeah, miles away from home. I took my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone which also had HD camera and camcorder capability. The same phone also had active service from T-Mobile and the phone itself was pretty slim. So, I finally placed my smartphone to the test. I did set to record, so everything you see is straight through the lens of my smartphone as it sits between the rails. Watch and learn:




Surprisingly on my very first try, everything went through perfectly and my phone never even got touched! How did it survive? The first thing I did was use the railway itself to my advantage. There are blocks of wood with rocks in between. The key here was that as slim as my phone was, I had to move some rocks around to reveal a deep spot next to a nearby block of wood. For the touch screen, I laid that along a block of wood. For the back part where the lens were facing the train, I moved some rocks again so that my smartphone was decently held in place. If I did not do this ahead of time, my smartphone would've been facing up or maybe even gone with the wind perhaps.


There can be mixed reviews about these kinds of things which I also took into consideration when I studied this whole thing. Some say it can be pretty cool while some would consider this pretty stupid which I admit. But take my word when I tell you: if you study things ahead of time and understand things through, there should be no stupidity involved and you can get the upper hand! Thanks for watching and reading. :)

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