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Acer Aspire One Kav60(D250) Specs For SL

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Preperation Guide.

Snow Leopard Installation:

CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.6Ghz

CHIPSET: Intel 945GSE Family

RAM: 1GB 533mhz

GPU: Intel GMA 950

ETHERNET: Atheros AR8132

WIFI: Atheros AR5007EG

AUDIO: Realtek ALC272


I need video to work, Wifi, Ethernet doesnt have too(but id like too), Audio, And USB ports

I dont really care about the webcam

Is that enough?


This is a netbook. Acer Aspire One (KAV60)


When i will install ill post the results

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I had Acer AspireOne 150 with similar specs. I couldn't install Snow Leopard directly, so I created a smaller partition to temporarily install Leopard so I could use the terminal to install Snow Leopard and make it work. The only version that works right away without any tweaking is Kalyway 10.5.2. I then downloaded an Atom kernel to replace mach_kernel, DSDTSE to compile my won DSDT file and some other kexts I don't remember right now. I followed this guide:




I created three paritions since I wanted dual boot with Windows 7. After successful installation of Snow Leopard I deleted the Leopard partition and expanded the Snow Leopard partition to take all free space. After installation, with the given kexts, webcamera worked fine, graphics worked at 800x600, not 1024x600, but sure this can be fixed with appropriate Intel GMA 950 kext. Ethernet worked only when booting with the cable connected, otherwise it couldn't detect the cable and had no internet! This was fixed by installing the official Realtek driver from Realtek's site. Wireless never worked, no matter what I did (maybe I needed a driver for the key combination to enable WiFi as well). I had installed MacDrive to Windows 7 so I had full access to the Mac partition. I then backuped the atom kernel and restored it after each combo upgrade. This trick worked and could do all upgrades up to 10.6.7. It didn't work for 10.6.8 though, so I eventually deleted the Mac partition and expanded Windows to take all disk...


I hope that helps...

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