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Mageia 3 released


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Actually it was released a few days ago http://blog.mageia.o...-mageia-3s-out/

Mageia is one of the Mandriva "forks" or derivatives, whatever yo want to call them.

Another one is the well known PCLinuxOS.

The most recent one is OpenMandriva which, if I understand correctly, is going to replace Mandriva.


I have tried Mageia 3 and I am impressed. Easy and intuitive to install, you can choose which repos you want to use, including the ones which were previously provided by PLF . It has finally GRUB 2. GRUB 1 could no longer manage complex multibooting configurations.

It has thousands of apps, I find their KDE 4 implementation the cleanest and most intuitive.

If you like Linux you should definitely try this one. You won't be disappointed.

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