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Increase performance on my Hackintosh?


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Hello everybody!


First i would like to thank everyone for contributing with the information on this forum!


Yesterday i got my ATi card so now i feel like i have a "usable" computer :)


My setup is:

Pentium 4 @ 3GHz 1mb L2 with Hyperthreading....Prescott i think

1GB of ram @ 800MHz

Asus P4P800-E Deluxe (I865)

Sapphire X1600 Pro 512MB AGP QE CI


Realtek 8139c


ATA Drives

PVC740K (Philips Webcam)


All of the above is working!


This isnt working:

Saa7134 (Cinergy 400 TV) =( *Not working but there is drivers... just need to fool them ;) AchemyTV smells like a solution for TV with this chipset!!!!! :pirate2:


I did some benchmarking in XBench and i got 62..... i compared it to my MacMini G4 wich got 38...


Can these values be correct??? shouldnt my Intel system be alteast alittle faster?

I cant even play Civilization 4 good! ;)


Any suggestions or comments on how to improve my performance?


I think the problem is with the agpgart.. but since there is no solution for it yet? Well i have installed some driver but then i loose QE and CI...


//Mr Christian

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Hi m8


I have the same amount of ram as you and the same cpu as you and my exbench is between 90 to 93 everytime, I do have osx running on a sata ii drive tho also my saphire x1600xt is pci-e and im using built in network intel pro/1000 pl (pci-e x1) , So yeah id say you should be higher than 62


oops forgots when i was running on my intel d915gevl board with ich6 chipset i used to only get between 80 to 87 tho

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