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Hi all.

@blackosx I've updated the Pandora's Theme for Sierra because  the Author @carbo178 is busy with its real life, but only him can access the repo.

Can you please update the repo for Us since I can't? 

Thanks in advance


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I've committed this for you Micky1979.

If you have a SF user account, let me know the username and I can give you permission to write to Pandora theme.


I don't have much free time for hack related stuff atm but I'm lurking in the background.

Keep up the good work everyone.

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Thanks so mutch. I have no plan to do a SF account atm ( I'll do if necessary offcourse) because my friends carbo178 will have fun with this as soon as finished its things

Also I like this Theme: simply, cool, real 3d object CAD designed, golden :lol: .

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That's so awesome. The effect is so cool.

Hey,finally I make the el capitan clover theme with the progressing bar animation.Hope you guys love it.




attachicon.gifEl Capitan.zip

Any update icon support Sierra ? thanks

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Hi guys:

I wonder if it's possible adjust the El Capitan theme to my native screen resolution: Dell SP2309W=> 2048 x 1152 

My GPU is EVGA GTX 570HD 2.5GB that support max screen resolution 2560x1600 and is connected through HDMI

I also tried to change my bios to W8 WHQL and disable CSM but nothing happened.


Any help will be precious.Thank's  in advance

It's impossible to set 2048x1152 with nvidia.

It is possible to use 1920x1080 and it should be looks good with all themes. 

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I've optimised CosmosCJ's El Capitan theme replacing the files in the Clover theme repo, also including the os_sierra icon added by Micky1979.
@family1232009 - The OSX theme you've posted uses mostly icons from what looks like CosmosCJ's theme so I've added the same os_sierra icon to it and optimised all the files also. Here's that theme now.


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or blackosx@

Do you please put this Optimizing themes to the repo or gives me the right to do this


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i made a background for clover bootloader, but it's streched and not showing full image, what size of image should i use for background, my monitor is 1366 X 768 ? 

and also the disk icons in my booloader are oval not circle, i already set patchvbios=true

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OSS theme updated, now version 2.0.2.



-set CharWidth to 10 for better font under option menu. Some character may be cut off which is normal because there is tradeoff between individual font cutoff and overall visual effect.


Since Clover 3537 disabled proportional font under option menu list, which is disaster to my theme, I have to manually change CharWidth for best looking menu in my opinion. You can try other CharWidth best suitable for you.





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I have three separate hard drive in my computer (Mac, Win7, Win10).  Is there anyway for Win7 and Win10 to should a different icon on the OS selection.  See picture




Maybe Win7 show like this if possible - and how can I do that?





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Some themes use embedded font on dark screen (Chrome, Gold?...). For those theme I recommend


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